The Collette Groupís lobbying efforts are led by founder and President, Patricia C. Branch, who brings 30 years of experience in the field of government relations. Her experience crosses several government jurisdictions, having worked in the Congress and for several Mayors, Municipal Councils, Commissioners and Governors including:

Ms. Branch has also represented a number of nonprofit organizations including the Thurgood Marshall Education Fund in New York City, Professional Medical Centers in Detroit, Michigan and was an advocate for the Childrenís Defense Fund.

Ms. Branch has a successful track record in representing her clients

  • Welfare to Work
  • Tax Incentives
  • St. Louis Lead Safe Initiative
  • Homeland Security
  • Water & Sewer Projects
  • Criminal Justice Initiative
  • Education Technology
    $100.0 million
    $17.0 million
    $10.2 million
    $ 9.2 million
    $ 3.3 million
    $ 2.5 million
    $ 1.0 million

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